The teacher we all wished we had offers one more lesson.


Like many of us around the world today, the team at Element is reeling from the news of Robin Williams’ passing. That he appears to have taken his own life as a response to terrible, clinical depression is made much more impactful for those of us who know someone in our family or friend circle who daily, constantly, battles the thoughts Williams was plagued by. So this is our small message to the world to seek that friend or family member out, hug them, inquire with them, check in on them, show up for them in a caring, sensitive way. Many of you will remember Williams’ character in “Dead Poets Society,” where he quotes Walt Whitman’s “O Me! O Life!” It was his character’s rejoinder that touched me personally: “What will your verse be?” The question challenged me to consider the power of the written word, which is today a hallmark of my career. In honor of Williams’ passing, I ask you, what will your verse be? Jack Becker, Element Creative Director & Partner.

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