Let’s talk trends.

Does your business need to generally be aware of trends that influence consumers? (Yes, that’s a trick question. Of course it does!) Element’s own Craig McAnsh routinely holds major trend conferences, and just two weeks ago, on Wednesday, August 27, Craig delivered his latest to Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta. At Element, we primarily focus on trends in media, technology, entertainment, and pop culture, but often we explore the deeper sociological underpinnings behind those categories as well. The folks at Turner use our trend-spotting and shared knowledge to inspire creative thinking across leadership teams at all networks and brands—including CNN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, HLN, TCM, Turner Sports, and truTV. Each attendee can leverage this knowledge to boost innovation for marketing, audience development, technology, programming, and other areas of business. Holly Wasson, VP of Asset Management at Turner Media Group, was extremely pleased with the 2014 project:  “Thank you so very much for coming in to town to give such an educational, inspirational and entertaining deep dive into the trends that are impacting our audiences! The presentation was very well received and sparked a lot of conversations when we got back to our desks.”   IMG_7985

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