Confessions of an Office Prankster

Hola! I’m Bethany and I’d love to say “nice to meet you,” but we may have been previously introduced when I explained to you what you didn’t already know about our proofing process here at Element Advertising. I’m sorry if I gave you the impression that I’m always the sweet, hardworking professional you got to know in my previous blog post. I am sweet. I am hardworking. But I’m here to confess to you that I’ve got a streak of prankster in me. And here at Element, where everyone has a great sense of humor, my punishment for a recent pranking crime is this blog post, which I’ve entitled, “Confessions of an Office Prankster.”

CONFESSION 1:: I got to know the victims

I joined the Element team 6 months ago and didn’t know how desperately we needed a good pranking. Did they welcome me with open arms? Yes. Have they introduced me to a slew of great people, clients, vendors, and friends? Yes. Do they treat me to Friday lunches on a regular basis? Of course! But not once was I pranked, and that brought a single tear to my eye. Things must be set straight!

CONFESSION 2:: I waited for the right moment

For six months I waited and did not find a single moment that deemed itself worthy of a good prank. Some days were too busy; others too quiet…until one afternoon the partners announced they were leaving us for a celebratory meeting down the street. It was three o’clock in the afternoon. Spirits were high. The office went quiet. It was time to consult my fellow employees and attack.

CONFESSION 3:: I conceived a plan and executed it before I could change my mind

The plan was simple: wrap each partner’s desk items in aluminum foil to say “I see you and I appreciate what you do.” Of course this message was implied. In 10 minutes flat, the job was done and all employees (both participating and not) exited the office with a case of the giggles. We crossed our fingers and hoped the giggles were contagious. Appreciate our handiwork below!

tin 3

tin 1  tin 2

CONFESSION 4:: I collected reactions…and enjoyed them

Reactions rolled in sooner than expected! And someone clearly couldn’t wait until morning to make his accusations. Let’s just say all were pleased and equally impressed.


CONFESSION 5:: I like getting caught

I do like getting caught. A true prankster wants credit where credit is due. So here’s credit to the partners for having an amazing attitude about our little crime. Here’s credit to Ellen for assisting me in each stage of the prank, from conception to execution. And here’s credit for John sitting by and watching the whole thing go down but not giving us up when it came to accusations. I work with a great team!

By Bethany Stafford
Project Manager :: Jr. Account Executive


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