North American Roofing
Awarded one of the largest solar projects in the U.S.

THE CHALLENGE. Members of Element had worked with North American Roofing (NAR) prior to Element's formation in 2012, so we already enjoyed a high degree of familiarity with the marketing challenges of NAR, one of the largest commercial roofing companies in all of North America. Though NAR was successful as judged by most reasonable industry metrics, the challenge that lay before Element was to carefully guide a company intent on expanding its success through a unified look and feel, helping it to introduce new offerings to its B2B targets within the halo of a recognized, well-respected brand.

Since partnering with Element in 2012: 30% increase in total revenue

THE SOLUTION. During a two-year period that included interim or “bridge” solutions between the old look and new, Element embarked on and developed an evolved and unified approach to the graphic standard, helping NAR anticipate a new round of initiatives that would be served by this standard. With the initiatives in place (largely new product or enhanced service offerings capitalizing on NAR’s track record of success), we began a series of stakeholder interviews with the thought leaders and category experts within NAR to help us understand the nuances within the products and customer service enhancements being offered. Soon, an emphasis on the relationships NAR builds with each project manager, building owner, revenue manager, etc. came to the fore. Using this as a centralizing theme, the new look and feel was conceived to coalesce this theme by placing emphasis on the little things that make a professional relationship (or personal relationship, for that matter) like this work. A large-scale photography effort was commissioned, one further embellished with thought-provoking illustrations that are meant to bring to life the process, the conversations, and the points of emphasis only NAR provides within a commercial roofing relationship.

3% increase in profit margins since 2012

THE RESULTS. We’ll let Jake Stansell, North American Roofing Marketing Manager, describe the results of this effort:  "Since engaging Element, North American Roofing has launched several new products and services that have positively added to our revenue growth and profitability. For example, Element helped us launch a snow removal program in the fall of 2013 that resulted in the first profitable fourth quarter in our 33-year company history, close to a million dollars in revenue. Another new service, our RoofGuard Asset Management Program, was launched in 2012 and, with the help of Element Advertising, we’ve now signed up almost 35% of our house accounts to the program, plus another 445 independent properties to new RoofGuard yearly maintenance contracts. With the help of Element Advertising to position our company as an expert in rooftop solar energy services, we were awarded one of the largest rooftop solar projects in the U.S., and we have installed more than 10 MegaWatts of solar energy systems on facilities across the country.”

“Last but not least, here’s a look at our total corporate revenue bottom lines since hiring Element in 2012:”

2012 | $100 million 2013 | $120 million 2014 | $130 million
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