We’re Hiring: Account Manager

The responsibility of the account manager is to be the client’s advocate at the agency, and the agency’s representative at the client’s organization. It is their responsibility to facilitate and develop the best possible work from the agency for the client – but at a profitable return for the agency. This means knowing how to manage people and workflow at the agency so that they give the client their best effort without spending more time than the income from the client’s business justifies.

The effective account manager develops a thorough knowledge of the client’s business, the consumer, the marketplace and all aspects of advertising, including creative, media, research, and commercial production.

As team leader and strategist, the account person must communicate the client’s needs clearly to the agency team, plan effectively to maximize staff time and energy, and present/sell the agency’s recommendations to the client.

In the final analysis, the account person must be able to foster productive communication between client and agency staff, identifies common goals, and make sure that the final product is profitable and effective for the client and the agency.  An effective Account Director is the hub of client service and should be considered an informed, reliable resource for agency staff and clients.


  • Act as client contact on daily management of projects and correspondence
  • Ensure all client requests are met in a timely, courteous, pleasant and service-oriented manner
  • Maintains current knowledge of client’s business in order to contribute to their marketing and advertising plans. Uses knowledge to anticipate the need for strategic changes.
  • Lead the development of marketing and advertising strategies, including gathering and analyzing information.
  • Plan, organize, activate and control agency day-to-day processes, bringing a perspective to strategy development and the execution of marketing and creative plans on behalf of the client.
  • Lead and facilitate the development of creative briefs, marketing plans, media plans, public relations support and research
  • Provides clients with unsolicited team-generated ideas for their business.
  • Develops good relationships with clients and keeps EA Partners informed of client priorities, issues, successes and key personnel changes.
  • Creates opportunities for informal meetings with key client staff to keep abreast of their thinking, to uncover areas of possible difficulty and to cultivate closer rapport.
  • Is concerned with the profitability of their business to the agency – is cost-conscious of account handling expenses and alert to opportunities for growth.
  • Participates in, and coordinates, major client presentations and makes other client contacts which will strengthen the agency/client relationship.
  • Knowledgable about the status of all projects. Makes every effort to insure that work is done effectively, on time and on budget.
  • Works closely and collaboratively with traffic, accounting, media, brand strategy, creative, and production and keeps them informed as to any changes in strategic direction and issues change orders for any new project direction/changes/input.
  • Develops or works with brand strategy/creative director to develop initial creative briefs and issues revisions as necessary
  • Develop and manage all creative and production schedules; advise project team of any delays or changes
  • Participates in the development of agency recommendations and points of view for client presentation.  Assist in soliciting the client’s perspective on key measures of success
  • Provide ongoing reporting of results, implications and recommended action steps
  • Ensure all creative has passed through proper approval and legal channels
  • Provide assistance and support in all aspects of the production process
  • Lead and manage creative projects from initiation through production
  • Monitor and report competitive actions and/or initiatives
  • Document client meetings/conference calls in writing, outlining direction and agreements made
  • Manage estimates/budgets from preparation to client approval with management guidance and final approval
  • Assist in management of estimates/billing to ensure accuracy and timely invoicing

Please submit resumes to matt@elementadvertising.com.

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