A Look Inside: Shiny New Van Graphics for an Ancient Water

Element was recently given the opportunity to work with Cherokee Bottled Water on the wrap of their new delivery truck. This is the kind of project the creative department loves: it’s on behalf of a great product, it lets us conceptualize with very pretty images, and its visibility reinforces other brand attributes within the Cherokee destination brand. It’s essentially a rolling billboard for Cherokee Bottled Water as well as for the beauty of Cherokee, North Carolina itself.

As you can see, the project began with thumbnail sketches, gathering hints as to where we might ultimately go from our photo archive and conceptual exploration. When it came time to push forward an agency recommendation to the client, it became clear that the one with the waterfalls was the right choice. It conveyed the purity of the water we were asked to help promote, and reinforced important attributes of the broader destination of Cherokee.


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